Before joining Hoxie & Associates LLC, Bela Co-founded an intellectual property-based wellness, therapeutic, and recreational Wearable Company. Prior to that Bela was an Assistant Professor at Emory University. Her research focus was epithelial cells in the respiratory and renal systems. She conducted research to study structure-function relationships, degradation, trafficking, and regulation of epithelial cell in vivo. At Emory University, she specifically studied epithelial sodium channels in native polarized kidney cell-lines. She has authored and published several peer-reviewed scientific research papers, review articles, grants, and book chapters. She raised money from several sources for her projects. Bela received her Ph.D., Pharmacology & Cell Biophysics from the University of Cincinnati, M.S., Life Sciences from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, and B. S., Chemistry and Biology from Delhi University, New Delhi, India.

Bela can be contacted at (973) 912-5232 or