Intellectual Property


Patents prevent others from making, using or selling your inventions, for a limited period. We can work with you to protect and leverage your inventions in the US and around the world, to avoid infringing the patents of others, and to license and enforce your patents where necessary.


Trademarks and service marks are recognizable names, logos, designs, or expressions that identify a product or service as being from a particular source. We can help you select, protect, and enforce your trademarks and service marks.


Copyrights cover original works of authorship, such as literary pieces and computer software, as well as musical, dramatic, and artistic creations. We have represented authors and artists, as well as programmers and website designers, in protecting and licensing their copyright-able works.


Ornamental designs can be protected by design patents in the US, and by design registrations in many other countries.

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets and confidential information are protected by statute, common law and contract in the US and abroad.